Ryan Price

Software Engineer

I bring pixel-perfect and responsive designs to life 🌱

About Me:

I have been working full time as a software engineer since 2016. I love bringing things to life on the page, so I naturally favor front end work, but I have worked on full stack projects before as well. I have worked remotely since 2019, so I am completely fine working from home, but I love to interact with people in person as well!

When I'm not at my desk solving problems, you can find me out in nature camping and playing music.

Professional Experience:

  1. Senior Software Engineer @ Savage X Fenty

    September 2021 - May 2023

    During my tenure at Savage X Fenty, I played a pivotal role in the success of a high-traffic Ecommerce web application, contributing to the development of Next.js, React, and Redux code. In close collaboration with the product team, I crafted robust solutions for feature tracking, analytics, A/B Testing, localization, and CMS integration. This comprehensive approach significantly enhanced the overall user experience. Additionally, I consistently delivered critical features and bug fixes, ensuring the continuous improvement and seamless functionality of the platform.

    As a seasoned leader, I spearheaded teams of 5 or more engineers, providing guidance in the architecture and planning of key engineering efforts crucial to business-critical product launches. My impact extended beyond Savage X Fenty, as I proudly served as a member of the React Oversight and TypeScript committees, actively contributing to the evolution of these technologies. In tandem, I took on a mentoring role, fostering the growth of junior developers through pair programming sessions and rigorous code reviews.

    • Next.js
    • React
    • Redux
    • TypeScript
    • MySQL
    • CMS
    • Localization
    • Jenkins
    • Ecommerce
  2. Front End Engineering Team Lead @ Billups

    January 2021 - August 2021

    As a Front End Engineering Team Lead at Billups, I led a small and dynamic team, overseeing the planning, development, and maintenance of multiple applications. Notably, I was promoted to this position during my tenure at the company, showcasing the recognition of my contributions and leadership skills. I excelled in translating product business requirements into technical user stories, fostering effective communication within the team and ensuring alignment with overarching objectives.

    In my role, I prioritized mentorship, providing valuable guidance to the team and creating comprehensive documentation for best practices and company processes. Collaboration was a cornerstone of my approach, and I actively worked with the back end team to design APIs, fostering parity between services and front-end applications. This collaborative effort contributed significantly to the overall efficiency and cohesion of our development endeavors.

    • React
    • Redux
    • TypeScript
    • AWS
    • AG Grid
    • MapboxGL
    • Node.js
    • Golang
  3. Front End Engineer @ Billups

    November 2018 - January 2021

    As a Front End Engineer at Billups from November 2018 to January 2021, I played a crucial role in advancing the technological landscape of a company committed to reshaping its industry through cutting-edge technology and automation. My contributions extended to a significant overhaul of CI/CD processes for our team, where I established build and deploy steps utilizing AWS, Kubernetes, and Drone, optimizing our development workflow.

    Within this innovative environment, I actively contributed to the internal component library, collaborating closely with the UX team to design reusable solutions. My proficiency in TypeScript, React, Redux, and RXjs was instrumental in architecting and implementing product requests as new features, further elevating the capabilities of our applications. This period of my career was marked by a commitment to pushing boundaries and leveraging the latest technologies to drive impactful changes within the company.

    • React
    • Redux
    • TypeScript
    • AWS
    • AG Grid
    • MapboxGL
    • Node.js
    • Golang
    • MaterialUI
  4. Software Engineer III @ Womply

    August 2017 - August 2018

    I made significant contributions to both the evolution of existing products and the creation of new solutions for an application serving over one hundred thousand small businesses. My focus encompassed writing reusable and production-ready UI components using AngularJS within a large-scale application.

    Operating in a dynamic and agile environment, I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, including UX, product, and back end, to meet demanding deadlines. A key aspect of my work involved translating design mocks into reality, ensuring pixel-perfect and responsive implementations across multiple browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Additionally, I actively participated in cross-platform mobile application development, leveraging the Ionic framework to enhance the application's accessibility and reach.

    • AngularJS
    • CircleCI
    • Protractor
    • BrowserStack
    • Jasmine
    • Node.js
  5. Software Engineer I & II @ Billups

    April 2016 - August 2017

    I collaborated within a small team of software engineers to develop an internal web application tailored for the media industry. My responsibilities included the creation of a robust test harness, utilizing Mocha, Karma, Chai, and Webpack to automate tests across multiple browsers. This strategic implementation not only increased test coverage but also generated comprehensive coverage reports to ensure the application's reliability.

    In the realm of front-end development, I leveraged React, Redux, and ES6 to craft reusable UI components for a single-page web application. This approach not only streamlined the development process but also contributed to the overall efficiency and maintainability of the internal web application designed to meet the specific needs of the media industry.

    • React
    • Redux
    • MapboxGL
    • Mocha
    • Karma
    • Chai
    • Webpack
    • Bootstrap


  • Lead Developer @ whatifmachine.ai

    November 2023 - Current

    I had been itching to work on a project using SvelteKit, and do something with OpenAI's API, so on this project I did both! The project is very simple: take a prompt from the user and generate a short science fiction story with images from DALL·E.

    • Svelte
    • SvelteKit
    • Digital Ocean
    • Cloudflare Workers
    • PostgresQL
    • OpenAI API
    • Figma
    • Docker